745 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA90802 +1-562-435-1847


Marumaki restaurant was established in 2008 in Long Beach. It has been run by Koreans that are professionals for a long time on Japanese food and customer service.Service is fast and friendly.Food is really fresh and the sashimi was cut thick! We had the sample sashimi platter, garlic roll and bake lobster roll. I actually tasted the chunks of baby lobster on the roll, most places use very little or substitute the lobster.



Ultimate Japanese Style like no other. Our modern fusion cuisine
"I LOVED the EXPERIENCE from Beginning to End! Omg what isn’t there to say about this place I had an almost absolute perfect experience. I enjoyed myself very much this day along with tasting some fantastic sushi and not to mention the great staff and wonderful company we endured during our visit."